Trutnov, Polská 367
(in front of the hotel Patria)
phone: +420 602 411 997
e-mail: pama(***antispam***@***antispam***)centrum(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz

MASSAGE is your right choice


price list

basic prices: 580,- CZK / 60 minutes and 350,- CZK / 30 minutes of classic massage

massage time (minutes) price notice/some more informations
of the whole
body or partial classic massage
20 270 CZK classical massage, possible combined with elements and method of other massages or with help of plastic cups
30 350 CZK
50 490 CZK
60 580 CZK
90 790 CZK
120 990 CZK
lomi-lomi 80 820 CZK back and legs partly
breuss 30 340 CZK back – very gentle massage of vertebrae
reconditioning 30 420 CZK focused on the treatment of tighter muscles, intensive and deeply, trigger points, plastic cups (time of treatment 25/35/45 minutes)
40 510 CZK
50 640 CZK
indian anti-stress head massage 40 420 CZK nape, head and face
foot reflexology 45 420 CZK feet using elements of reflexology
for couples 60 1400 CZK classical relaxing massage spent with a partner; masseur and masseuse
90 2000 CZK
120 2600 CZK
your wish time, types of massages and price has to be agreed, according your wishies


massage at the weekend 15% after agreement possible at the day of public holiday
massage starting after 8 PM 10% latest possible start at 10:30 PM
massages outside of my studio 40% under 15 km from Trutnov

Prices after discounts and surcharges are rounded to the nearest ten-crowns.

Timelenght and massage scope has to be agreed before the massage starts, massages writen in blue have to be agreed by the appoinment of date.
Pavel Matyáš
Identification number: 06244351

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Pavel Matyáš